The concept explained

Welcome to Restaurant De Klok

Our vision is above all a love of classic cuisine and service.
Not ‘new with a nod to the past’ but
‘classic with a nod to now’.
In this beautiful, authentic building, we passionately
everything to make you enjoy delicious food.
For years, we have sought out dishes and wines
from the classic cuisines of the world.
Together, we have visited many regions in various countries,
We want to bring the cultures of these countries together
with our team in our restaurant.
With a nod to here and now, of course.
On behalf of our team, we wish you a delicious, timeless dinner.

Lars and Marvin

Restaurant The Clock

About De Clock

Restaurant De Klok is immediately looking for creative chefs!

Interested in spreading your own wings and ready for a real challenge?

We are ready for you, are you?

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